London Market Live

Changing Mindsets: (Re)insurance’s re-emergence post Covid19

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  • 5 NOVEMBER 2020

    Live broadcast 09.00 - 17.15 GMT

  • 08:30

    Doors open!

    Explore the delegate network and connect in video-enabled meeting rooms. 

  • 09:00

    Welcoming remarks

    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    Derek Allison
    Derek Allison UKIIMEA & NCE Insurance General Manager, DXC Technology
  • 09:10

    Fireside chat:

    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    David Howden
    David Howden Chief Executive Officer, Hyperion Insurance Group
    Steve Hearn
    Steve Hearn Chief Executive Officer, BGC Insurance Group
  • 09:45

    Fireside chat:

    Charlie  Thomas
    Charlie Thomas Content Director, Insurance Insider
  • 10:15

    Panel: Distribution & Broking

    • Broker consolidation and M&A
    • Scale and diversification versus specialist niche players
    • Broker facilities and the future of distribution
    • New product innovation in 2021
    • Seizing the opportunities of a global digital market
    • Expense control
    Rachel  Dalton
    Rachel Dalton Senior Reporter, Insurance Insider
    Matthew Crane
    Matthew Crane Chief Executive Officer, THB Group
    James Few
    James Few Chief Executive Officer (UK), TigerRisk Partners
    Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner Chief Executive Officer, Specialty & Wholesale, Gallagher (UK)
    Richard  Dudley
    Richard Dudley Chief Executive Officer, Global Broking Centre UK, Aon
  • 11:05

    Panel: State of the Market

    • Market conditions through a Covid lense
    • Specialty rate momentum and growth opportunties
    • New capital formations and PE interest
    • Adequacy of cover
    • Understanding and underwriting systemic risk post-Covid
    • Covid-19 an accelerant for market modernisation
    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    Paul Brand
    Paul Brand Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Convex Insurance
    David Croom-Johnson
    David Croom-Johnson Managing Director, AEGIS London
    Mark Gregory
    Mark Gregory Chief Executive Officer, International Division, AXIS Capital
  • 12:00

    Panel: Future at Lloyd’s: One Year On

    • Where are we now?
    • PPL and future of placement
    • Syndicate-in-a-box-Physical versus virtual underwriting room
    • Blueprint Two
    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    Greg Collins
    Greg Collins Chief Executive Officer, Miller Insurance
    Sheila Cameron
    Sheila Cameron Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd's Market Association
    Simon Norton
    Simon Norton Chief Underwriting Officer, Asta
  • 12:45

    Bill Rotatori: Investment Outlook

    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
  • 13:00

    Networking Break

    Networkwith peers and take part in 1-2-1 chats to discuss Covid-19 response, industry trends, best practice and business development. Connect with sponsors by clicking their logos on the sponsor tab.

  • 14:00

    Panel: The Global Outlook

    • An outside perspective of the London market
    • Lloyd’s versus the company market
    • A new class of 2020?
    • Meeting the challenge of new and globally emerging risks
    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    Anthony Croydon
    Anthony Croydon Offerings Lead, London Market Account, DXC Technology
  • 14:50

    Fireside chat

    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
  • 15:20

    Insider Progress: Ally and Amplify: How to support your LGBTQ+ communities

    • How to support colleagues who are part of the LGBTQ+ community by understanding and acknowledging the struggles and experiences unique to being part of LGBTQ+ groups
    • Being an ally without taking the conversation away from the LGBTQ+ community
    • Providing support for parents of transgender children
    • Company culture and inclusion in the workplace – why diversity is not enough
    • Attracting and retaining talent from the LGBTQ+ community
    Catrin Shi
    Catrin Shi Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    Geoff Godwin
    Geoff Godwin UK Chief Operating Officer, AIG
  • 16:15

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