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Changing Mindsets: (Re)insurance’s re-emergence post Covid19

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New England Asset Management

New England Asset Management has specialised in capital and investment management services tailored to the global insurance industry since 19841. Active in the UK market since 19982, with a particular focus on Lloyd’s of London, our services are tailored to meet the needs of our insurance company clients - representing 99% of our business.  

We offer a comprehensive range of insurance company focused services consisting of Asset Management, Enterprise Capital Strategy & Risk Management, Capital & Risk Analytics, and Investment Accounting Services & Reporting for London market insurance clients.

1 NEAM, Inc. was founded in 1984. NEAM Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEAM, Inc. and was established in 2009.

NEAM, Inc. has managed assets on behalf of Lloyd’s of London entities since 1998. NEAM Limited has been managing assets for Lloyd's of London clients since 2010.


Alverne Bolitho
Alverne Bolitho New Business Development NEAM
Kasha Mleko
Kasha Mleko New Business Development NEAM
Rui Wang
Rui Wang Enterprise Capital Specialist NEAM